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12.05.2012 , 03:23 PM | #1
From the 1.5.2 Patch notes:
"In Hard Mode, the ground target effect on players targeted by Operator IX's "Delete" ability now more accurately matches the distance players must be within to activate the shield buff."

Great, we say. No more getting blasted when we're in the circle. But now we have the problem that we can't even SEE the circle because it's so small! And so we proceeded to wipe on a mechanic we'd previously had no trouble with.

With our raid group, the only way we were able to make progress was by changing our usual strategy (circle stays still, shielder runs to them) and having both players run directly under the boss and meet up. I know that this is standard procedure for many raid groups, but the change effectively removes the ability to clear the deletion without running to a predetermined area since it is now practically impossible to just scan your teammates for who has the circle.

If increasing the detection area isn't possible, could another indicator or who has the circle be added? Beam of light? Ring around the actual color circle?

Will have to adapt in the mean time but anyone else have thoughts on this change?