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Looks like I won't be able to wear purps for at least week... That's a real bummer. :[

If my boyfriend didn't work in web dev I'd be pretty mad... But it's natural for stuff like this to happen when developing any kind of anything so I understand and will be patient. Hope everyone else will try to be patient too.

Developers are people too you can't expect everything to be perfect guys. Mistakes are natural.

Developers are people but what update to make mistakes
Each patch updates, etc. should be tested on dedicated serverach (test server)
Someone has to answer for such negligence because it is a nightmare, I wonder whether or not to go back to WoW or WoT

ps. I am a customer so I demand such wages are the realities of this world
if anyone should be exposed object is fit for wages
in my country this game is not cheap and apologizing mute point it would be better to quickly repair

I know my English is not so good translator helps me wrong and they always consist of the opinion
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