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I take certain things on the internet very seriously. It all depends on the situation. When I post, I'm very serious unless the other guy is trying to troll or being an idiot. I say what I mean, whether that's in life or on a forum.

You can try to brush it off like its nothing, but the fact remains that you were so incredibly frustrated with this thread that you said you were gonna stop posting here like 4 times?, but kept coming back for more.
Cool story bro.

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Except that quest, class, and FPs all give xp, credits, and items along the way. These are all things you get as a reward at the end, and in far greater quantities. So if you're trying to bring WZs in line with other parts of the game, medals need to reward comms, valor, credits, and xp.
The items items during the undertaking of those tasks are normal trash or greens, which translate into credits more than anything else. There are some rare chances at blues and/or purples, but it's not a guarantee like giving +comms would be. Also, comms are multi-use and are much more useful than the random blues you find (which often get vendored/gtn'ed)

Valor is not gain from any of the above mentioned activities either, it is social assuming you are in a group (and not in space). So actually, +exp, +credits, +social would be more appropriate per medal.