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12.05.2012 , 02:46 PM | #14
Didn't feel like reading the whole thread. I did the fight on my shadow tank. It's really easy. if you have spevific questions you can ask. It's easy do-able. Trust me. Comment back with any questions and ill do my best to answer them. I'll read the full post when I'm home, on my phone ATM

Edit, just read the actual post and realized how dumb I sounded. This can be done with 2 shadow tanks, but yeah strategies would be cheesy. Melvyn, the group and I spent a long time on this fight, the first 15 hours figuring out the trandoshans. I can't tell you how many times wiping to the trenchutters made my cry in vent about why I wanted a vanguard. It really sucked. Again, ill provide a little extra insight when I get home.