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Hi guys,

So, what I want to ask, I am not sure what exactly DPS is doing on this phase, do they have to stay at lower platforms? if I go to lower platforms will this disturb the DPS?
Your DPS should be doing this. This was our guilds run of TFB HM this past weekend. We first get through the hypergate of phase 2 at 6:43 so you can skip to there.

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And one final question, if stay whole fight in lower platforms, will this disturb the DPS? I mean the platform I tank will be spitted and I have to change to another one but does the DPS has to switch platform for any reason other then Hypergate Anormalies?
As for this dulfy had an excellent diagram of the platforms. The link can be found here For the first tentacles your tank on the left should be switching from 1,10, and 9 and your tank on the right should be tanking on the platforms mirrored of the left tank. When the second tentacle pops up the left tank should be switching between 2, 10, and 11 and the mirror platforms for the right. If you have any questions let me know