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You know... when I was thinking about adding damage taken/death ratio to my list, I thought about something, so I have a question for you Aerilas.

Obviously, when the ratios are something like...500000/1 and 700000/2 the 500000 wins right? Since you divide the 700000 by 2 since they died twice and that ends up as 350000. However, what if the ratios were 500000/0 and 700000/1. In that case, what would you divide by and how would you determine which ratio is better?
I've been questioning this idea myself. The outcome i came for is that your calculations are wrong.
Try to see 700000/2 in 3 lifetimes. this way the 500000/0 is 500k per lifetime, and 700000/1 is in 2 lifetimes, rego 350k per lifetime. I know it sucks for those that did 600k/100k in those lifetimes since they have no proof.
Any closer to the correct amount is... well quite impossible to prove...
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