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"Star Wars VII - will it add a boost to the popularity of The Old Republic?"

If EAware is smart enough (which is... not often) they will probalby ride on the movies popularity and will push the advertising of this game, hopefully that will also mean REAL new content for this game...
Yep, they should do advert tie ins and other promotions leading up to and during Ep7.

In terms of the movies themselves, the lady who's heading up all things Star Wars over at Disney keeps mentioning 'family experience'. I have no doubt that Ep7-9 will be an improvement over the prequels but I doubt they will appeal to what I want. A film aimed at an older mature audience, less emphasis on effects, well developed character interactions, and a more sophisticated take on conflicts beyond just good vs evil. Exploring more of the spiritual side of SW could be very interesting but it takes a good writer to do that in a non snoozefest way. KO(SW)TOR fulfills a lot of that which is why I'd love to see movies set during that time period.

Big movies too often talk down to their audience, are afraid to be perceived as taking themselves too seriously, or try to get by on fluff like effects, gimmicks, slapstick, or cheesy cameos. If these flicks avoid just half of these pitfalls I'll be impressed.