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Oh and I would totally support changing it so each medal you get gives you a bit of xp, comms, valor, and credits.

Having medals only give xp does NOT help 50s who DC. I mean this is why we want this change right? To improve WZs right? And not just punish only 1%--or however small--of the population that stays 49.
This is the internet... no one takes anyone seriously. -.- I especially don't take anyone seriously who shows a lack of reasoning skills, reading comprehension, or common sense.

Onto the subject at hand:

My stated reason for the change actually is to bring PvP in line with other leveling related activities... which give exp for smaller tasks during the course of the activity (Questing, Class Missions, Flashpoints, and Space).

As the other poster brought up, Instant +comms could have people leaving if they can receive them fast enough (or if they are enough per) and it's quicker to get in a new match than it is to finish this one. I however suggested adding a +credit gain for the medals, as one of the complaints I've seen post 50 is how poorly PvP pays compared to PvE. I believe a +Exp and +Credits instantly upon receiving a medal (capping at 8 like post-wz rewards) would do nicely.