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Class advocates seldom help long term. Now, if they came up with a small committee (private) of opinions to solicit, that might be more useful.

Still, if the dev staff (someone) is spending about 30 minutes a day reading through the PvP forum, over the course of a few weeks they should have no diffuclty seperating the actual reality from the QQing that makes up 90% of this forum.

Oh, and I agree with the last paragraph of Jherad's above.
Great points, I agree with them all!

I really like your suggestion of a small (private) committee as well. I think having several players, representing all classes and skill levels, would be best, but that may be too large of a pool - 8 minimum. Selecting 1 person narrows the feedback to only that players perspective. I'd love to see the opinions of players starting PvP (basically the challenges they see), players who casually PvP and those who have mastered it (top Ranked players). Have them sign NDAs and make a private forum for them.
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