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12.05.2012 , 01:46 PM | #245
1. Server- Jedi Covenant
2. Characters- H'vokk, K'uhl, Xutra, T'lonn, X'vera, K'rowley, I'vano, Sulutakei, Orai'ya, P'eirce, Shep'arhaad, Koltina
3. Daily crashes, common to be multiple times daily.
4. (since 1.4) Whenever I: change areas (switching planets & such), Swap characters, encounter highly populated areas for a time (especially @ fleet), when joining in groups & in Combat (usually during Flashpoints and Operations when there is a lot on screen, but have been in smaller groups and have had this issue as well). it seems to be a delayed reaction though. but it definitely occurs in a consistent manner. I also refrain from using my speeder as I am capable of "outrunning" the environment when using one. it is useless to use it in this state as I am stopped in a limited space until my computer "catches up". this sometimes portends a crash to desktop as well.
5. DxDiag

6. Reliability Report-

7. 99% of the time it's a crash to desktop