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Cool Story Bro.

If you really cared about "freedom of choice" you'd petition bioware for an inclusion of an "exp/rewards" toggle so you could finish a warzone and actually see who won and your score. As you also haven't read or understood a word I said about my opinion on this "seriousness" of this issue and apparently Official Bioware Articles, Official Bioware Posts, the ToS, and Industry Relevant articles are ancedotal in your eyes, I will not waste my time.

*sighs* I keep saying I'm done and then I give into the urge to laugh at someone's willful ignorance. Sorry, it seems your thread got a little hijacked on what qualifies as an exploit. However, I do have something relevant to add:

I believe someone might have mentioned this before, but I think whether to "fix" this issue or just as a good feature to add to pvp, medals should give exp when received. I would reduce the exp reward at the end by 10% or so, and then add scaling exp rewards per medal that equal out to that 10%.

I'm open to anyone who can point out something I missed, but of any leveling activity PvP is the only one that doesn't give full rewards till it's completed. Quests have mobs, activities and bonuses that give exp even if you drop the quest instead of turning it in. Flashpoints are the same. Space missions give a little exp per enemy destroyed as well as contianing bonuses, etc... Even exploration grants small amounts of exp when encountering a new area or accessing a new "codex." Adding small activity related exp in pvp would only bring it more in line with other level related activities.

I'd love to hear (not directed at you Seena) a reason the inclussion of experience for medals (capping at 8 as normal) when you receive them isn't a good thing, even just from an equality of "playstyles" standpoint.
People might actually take you more seriously if you actually followed through on your convictions. How many times have you said you're done posting here, and come back? Like 4 times now? Dude man, learn some self control. It'll help you in life.