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Well it sounds interesting, but is not very specific. The datacrons could be said to be similar to this... even though a lot of players don't collect the set because it's time-consuming, it's quite a few datacrons and quite a boost to stats if you collect them all. Also similar is the ability to Augment your equipment (14 augments add up to quite a stat boost).

Is that essentially what you're talking about, is a page of Augment additions that would acitvate only while not in PvP? Perhaps it could even accept "virtual Augments" that are not limited to the crafted Augments, but rather through [WEEKLY] special missions you receive a 7-day "Mission Items" inventory item that can be dragged to your page of Augment additions. Which would open it up to including special abilities, not just stat increases. Perhaps Sage Healers could improve their Force Armor ability slightly, or add a 20-second +MovementSpeed buff to one of their special abilities that has a cooldown.
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