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I think things would change if towards Plagueis if he knew G0-T0 was a droid. Because then he would know that G0-T0 is limited by programming. Plagueis could try to find creative ways of attacking him, which he is not propared for. Yes, "broken" droids in Star Wars are able to think creatively, but I think to reach the level of guys like Plagueis would be unlikely to happen. (Exept if we assume G0-T0 was around from the time of KOTORII up to the Prequels.)
Unless Darth Plagueis is an expert computer programmer, which he probably isn't, that isn't likely to happen. Also G0-T0 probably passed the threshold into having consciousness, the droid had imagination and a deviousness that is hardly ever seen in a droid.

Plagueis was trained in concealing himself in the Force from the Jedi, not hiding his activity from a Droid Crimelord that would probably have been evenly matched up against Prince Xizor, I seriously doubt Darth Plagueis could hide his movements from G0-T0.