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For added aoe dps and better burst have your marauder spec to carnage. The combo of berserk+gore+sweep+sweep+sweep....nets me over 100k damage rather quickly (and doesnt overheat/run me out of energy). Only issue with it is the agro your marauder will get... he will need to pop force camo after his 3rd or 4th sweep.

As far as your healers getting stomped, pop force shroud and drop your aoe's before your aoe taunt... as a shadow/sin you have the advantage of building aoe threat while under a shield... no other tank has the ability to do so.

Also i believe i stated it earlier, but will state it again... doesnt matter what tank you're you will be taking one hell of a beating from the trenchcutters. Yes as a shadow/sin you may take a bit more, but healers shouldnt have to hold back any healing on you, like they have to on juggs/PTs due to agro issues... so it is balanced on that fact.
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