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Hello Everyone,

My Character is Dashara an Imperial Sorc, I came from Ajunta Pall RP/PVP server after it turned into a ghost town and BC was the only West Coast server available. I had originally played a Sage up to 50 so making the switch was easy. I still have the Sage her name is Nastasja and every once in awhile I will get on and do some PVP or make things for my alts as she is a 400 Cybertech.

Cookies it depends on my mood so you will get a good variety from me.

In General I like the Mothers Iced Lemonade they are small bite size lemon goodness with a little tart to them. (bring a big glass of milk)
Oatmeal Raisin with a touch of cinnamon if they are offered
Classic Chocolate Chip with Milk if I have the Chocolate craving
Classic Peanut Butter cookies also a good choice.
Snickerdoodles rare to find them being offered but they're great!
I think that's about all for my cookies.
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