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Ohhh I will work VERY VERY long and hard to do what ever I can to make sure this is fixed.

As for whining about warzones and knowing of tactics - I'm not the one using an exploit to stay level 49 in perpetuity and spending millions to beat up on lower level toons now, am I?

I personally don't see this as an exploit. You are entitled to your opinion. This is after all America. However, as I peruse this thread I feel that perhaps you are spending an inordinate amount of time to address this issue. By the way what is the ethical difference between a 49 Twink pwning lvl 30 dudes in greens and a Lvl 50 in full min/maxed pvp Elite War Hero gear pwning a noob fifty in recruit gear. People stand much more of a chance against my twink then they do against a full elite war hero dude while wearing recruit gear.
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