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No when there was a 5man from Imp side that did that.
You never wiped our 5-man. The only time you wiped anyone is when Romiel and I zoned in from a WZ and were the only ones in the base. I actually killed one of your healers before you even killed me the first time, but you did wipe Romiel and I twice before Eisys, an Op heals, zoned in from the same WZ. We then wiped the rest of your team without dying again.

Since we knew you would be back, we put together a 5-man of Malkiv, Romiel, Maezia, Eisys, and Krispos. Even though Krispos wasn't actually in our group, we told him what was going on, and we waited together. Sure enough, we saw you gathering just right at the edge of view-distance from the base. We then ran over to you and proceeded to make it look like you didn't even know how to use a keyboard. Only Krispos died, since he wasn't in our group, and I don't think Eisys or Maezia saw him get low on HP. After we wiped your team, I did a /sorry to Aeris (since I know Aeris on Imp side), and we waited a few minutes. You guys didn't come back, so we all went about our dailies again.

That's what actually happened, and we all know Alpha Company is notorious for trying to re-write history in their favor when **** goes down in pvp.
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