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So it's not pug and I believe you are familiar with it before your tried it.
A pug that has troubles with LR-5 is going to have troubles no matter what loot drops.

Changing the LR-5 loot to level 58 gear ISN'T GOING TO IMPROVE PLAYER PERFORMANCE.

I submit to you that it will actually WORSEN player performance, encouraging people to overgear instead of improving skill and strategy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slowpokeking View Post
Most of the players need columi to beat it, especially pugs

It's not a challenge, a FP's drop should give upgrade to most of the players who can do it rather than some elite players.
How about this, the skilled player is rewarded with a LOT of usable loot upgrades.

The mediocre player is rewarded with FEW usable loot upgrades.

How is this not fair?