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New-ish player here with a couple of questions. I am currently leveling a ST Powertech, currently level 15, and I am wanting to know how important threat management is at low levels. I've ran two flashpoints so far, Black Talon and Hammer Station. As far as Black Talon goes, at that level I really had zero abilities for threat management but the group seemed to do fine without me holding aggro. I guess they make it simple since it is the first one. Hammer station was the same deal. It certainly helps having Ion Gas Cylinder but I just do not have a lot of items to keep taunt on multiple targets. Does this get better? Do all the tanking classes have low aggro holding abilities until later levels? I am just trying to make sure I do not suck and it gets better later on. Thanks!
first- it gets better very quick - the first taunt comes at level 18 or so for all the tank classes. But that isn't really what makes a good tank, great. It's learning out to make the pull based on how the mobs are arranged, so that you can maintain threat on the largest possible portion of the pull. None of the lower level FP's require a tank to play very well, but the tanking difficulty ramps up fairly quickly.
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