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I've barely returned after 9 months idle, most of my friends are gone and I'm starting over.

I've got a fist full of cartel coins, and an active scrip. I've got a single char, level 10, on my friends server.

What can I buy to make my life leveling up better? I prefer passives, account unlocks, and similar, rather than one use items.

I was thinking buying the human legacy might help, since it gives 100 presence. Any other suggestions?
^ This! Easily worth double the price when you're starting out.
Don't waste credits or coin on gear. Although if you can get your hands on a pink purple +41 power cartel crystal, that would be worth the price. They are lvl 10 with Columi stats!
A cartel speeder is also a good idea, they are fairly cheap on the GTN and scale to your training level, so you don't have to replace it.
Rocket boots, companion gift bonus, repair droid, mail droid, leadership (companions sell trash faster).
Class story xp bonus is also very good.
Depending how loaded you are, the cartel xp bonuses could be an excellent investment.