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The way a Force user is attuned to the Force is through Midichlorians. These are microscopic "things" that inhabit every cell in their bodies. So when a Force user loses a body part, they aren't as attuned to the Force as they used to be. Conversely, when they pack on 300 pounds of fat, they pack on 300 pounds of Midichlorians which would make their attunement to the Force that much greater. So any smart Force user would be obese because it makes them more powerful.
I can't see Midichlorians living in the fat to be honest. Don't they live in the blood? Which will be clogged with all that fat thus lessening the count?

I also can't imagine a sith getting through Korriban without being called fatty so much they go on a diet. Hell I would starve any fat kid that came throught the academy on purpose to thin them out a bit, not that I ever got fed on Korriban...
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