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IceHawk - thank you for posting your feedback in such a constructive way. I don't have answers to all of your concerns right now, but I want you to know the community team is always working to escalate concerns and issues to the developers and get responses when we can (when we're sure of a course of action, have feedback requests, or have any updates to an issue). I mostly wanted to call out your post as a really model post for constructive feedback. We'll definitely continue working to bring more answers to questions and concerns.

Also - thanks for the suggestions on a State of the Game or Q&A dedicated to PvP. I can't promise anything, but will bring up the feedback!
Yeah, I'd just like to point out that the mess this community is in, and the vitriol spouted on these forums (part of which I'll admit I participate in) is a largely self-inflicted wound on your (BW's) part. The lack of communication has turned questions into rants.

I get that you want to 'reward' good behaviour, but if you continue to skip the threads and posts that have over time become heated (or worse), then you'll just let the wounds fester. You have a lot (and I mean a LOT) of damage repair to do. Fix the problems with communication rather than sulking and taking your ball home (again, not aimed at you personally).

On to the meat of the issue:

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Everyone, it's important to remember that the answers Jonathan gave are just a few examples of metrics our analytics team looks at for certain specific purposes. Class balancing overall is much more complicated than looking at a couple stats - these were just a few examples of things the analytics team looks at and it wasn't intended as a comprehensive deep-dive into PvP balancing. It also wasn't a statement that we feel everything is completely perfect. We're always looking at player feedback, testing, and much more to to adjust the classes, and will continue to do so.
Evidence STRONGLY suggests otherwise. Balance is not improving. The difference between the most and least optimal classes is larger than it has ever been, and CC, considered by many to have long been out of control was made worse. The devs don't seem to get what is obviously wrong to anyone who spends any real amount of time PvPing - which has caused, and continues to cause a great deal of frustration. It is like they are flying blind - and posts about statistics and their use are an obvious target.
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