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12.20.2011 , 10:40 AM | #35
A lot of people like to refer to the ‘old mmo’ days for whichever mmo you played. I don’t think you need a server-wide message per say to announce server firsts, but we got forums so just make a thread listing the bosses (end game only no one cares about some level 32 heroic boss you killed…end game stuff only or ****) try listing them in order of difficulty and as bosses get killed post in the thread mob dead, put your guild name and as long as someone can maintain it, it will show who has done what first and when.

I know I’d always be looking at the thread seeing who has killed what and keep up with rival guilds etc etc and both republic and sith can compete on who kills what faster. I remember EQ2flames having very successful progression threads and was highly competitive.