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Part 14: In which the small fish is fed to a shark

She dropped Suilven off on Coruscant, and gave him back half his fee as she'd promised. Then she sat and thought for a while. Bounties a good idea, if managed carefully. Taberon and Standtrae had said that all the Sith stuff had to stay secret, but she would need a good reason for this one, and he wouldn't cooperate without the details. So she got out of Coruscanti space (never knew who might be listening in) and made another call, much more risky.

"Hey Red, how's it going?" Deuchar smiled cheerfully as the Ratattaki's form came up on the holocom.

"Duke, long time no speak, what're you wanting?" Redsike didn't smile in response, but then he rarely smiled at all.

"Maybe I just want to talk?"

"Yeah right. Pull the other one, it's got bells on."

She grinned. "Ok ok, you win, though it'd be nice to meet up over a drink sometime. I'm looking for someone, thought of you, being the expert and all, and having contacts on the Imp side. Well, actually it's my brothers who are looking for this Imp, but it's easier if I do the talking to you, y'know?"

"Sure, you're right, they ain't exactly going to be loving me, are they? Do they even know I exist?" he enquired with a glint in his eye.

"Kind of ..." she started reluctantly. "Look, they know what I am, they know there's some pretty dodgy people I talk to." She shrugged.

Redsike chuckled, unoffended. "We did a bit more than talking, if I remember rightly."

"Yeah, we did that. Which is why it'd be nice to have that drink sometime?"

"I'll see if I got a space in my diary. Who is it you're looking for and what's the bounty?"

"Well, it's complicated. Real serious, saving the galaxy stuff, they say." Deuchar scratched at her cheek.

"Yeah, anything a Jedi wants ain't going to be straightforward, and as for saving the galaxy ..." He shrugged. "All the ones I ever met, their heads are so far up their backsides they're seeing daylight through their teeth."

"Hey, that's not nice, that's my kid brother you're talking about!"

He gave a feral grin. "Admit it, Duke, he ain't living in the same galaxy as the rest of us, is he?"

She frowned but conceded, "Ok, I admit, he's a bit off in the clouds sometimes."

"And big bro the bigshot soldier? What's his angle in this?"

"Being noble and heroic, of course. Trae always was so perfect he made me puke." She sighed. "I kind of wish we'd got on better when we were younger, but all of us were too different. Not that I ever suspected mother of playing around, and we all look alike, but really, it's weird having brothers I didn't even feel related to for half my life. Still, we get along well enough now, and family is family, and they asked for help, so." She shrugged again.

"You still ain't told me who the mark is." Redsike gave her a sharp look. "What're you holding out on?"

Deuchar shook her head. "Nah, you're just getting me off track. See the effect you have on me?" She grinned. "It's an Imperial Intelligence Agent, no name, just Cipher Nine."

"Whoa, you're crazy." He rubbed his hand over the top of his head. "There isn't any Imperial Intelligence any more, I heard some Dark Council Darth got ganged up on by the others and they disbanded it to feck him off. And even if it was still there, Ciphers are the top secret agents, can't be found, no-one's even supposed to know they exist."

"You do."

"Yeah of course, life and business depends on knowing things like that." He winked.

"So... can you do it?" she asked.

"Maybe. I need more details. How about that drink? See you in three days, Nar Shaddaa, usual place." He cut the connection before she could reply.

Deuchar muttered to herself. Redsike always had to have the last word. Still, he could be surprisingly good fun, for a grim and dangerous bounty hunter. She found herself looking forward to the drink, and went jauntily up to the bridge to set course for Nar Shaddaa.
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