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12.05.2012 , 12:18 PM | #170
From what I saw, the damage Stormcaller did was not bad enough to illicit a nerf. You have 2 1/2 healers on that tank and so long as he pops is defensive CD's before getting back up everything is ok.

The dps check......well let's just say that was inane! I enjoyed the fight because it pushed me as a dps to do better. I think pre-nerf this fight was what Nightmare should be.

Anyway. Below is a link to the kill video from Severity Gaming. This is post-nerf . We were all extremely disappointed to log in yesterday and find out that the fight was nerfed. Over the weekend we had devised a to push through the last 38k health we had on the final tank. It is a shame that we could not implement it.

Edit: Can someone explain why our S/S for Colonel Vorgath is labeled as "NOK" !?