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IceHawk - thank you for posting your feedback in such a constructive way. I don't have answers to all of your concerns right now, but I want you to know the community team is always working to escalate concerns and issues to the developers and get responses when we can (when we're sure of a course of action, have feedback requests, or have any updates to an issue). I mostly wanted to call out your post as a really model post for constructive feedback. We'll definitely continue working to bring more answers to questions and concerns.

Also - thanks for the suggestions on a State of the Game or Q&A dedicated to PvP. I can't promise anything, but will bring up the feedback!
I'm a merc since launch. I have tons to complain about. However, Icehawk is right. I would like more engagement from the developers and the fact we got 2 posts from you so quickly in a single thread is a step in the right direction. We just want to be heard, and thats not asking too much.

If I may make a suggestion, or rather steal an idea, why not have class advocates? Dedicated players of a single AC who listen to their respective individual communities and complie bugs/fixes/suggestions into a single stickied thread at the top of each AC forum? It would make it far easier to both community and develpers to see what issues need to be addressed. The community will see the top issues and all current feedback from developers. Its a win-win scenario. Just a thought. =)
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