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12.05.2012 , 12:09 PM | #412
To be honest. I don't see this 49 "twink" problem at all, me and my friend (I'm a Gunslinger and he's a Trooper) PVP A LOT so suffice to say we have run into plenty of these lvl 49... And I haven't had any trouble killing them at lvl 21 with no pvp gear at all or anything like that. I can (and often do tbh) dominate them. So I can't see what all this fuzz is about. I don't think these people need to "put on their big boy pants" as much as you need to stop seeing down a narrow tunnel. Let them play how they want to play the game, and you play your way. They're not overpowered in any way (unless the player is good but that is the case from 18-49).