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Quote: Originally Posted by Eternalnight View Post
And that's why I told you what the difference is. The reply contained all the information needed to answer your own question.

Such manners with "new" players have these days.

1. Ask a question
2. Get an answer
3. Instead of saying "thank you" start instead insulting anyone who bothered to answer
All of which is useless without knowing the difference between Power and Damage. Your reply, apart from being flippant, is akin to describing fuel consumption for your car without knowing which fuel type it's using. Since you're clearly incapable of the simplest of manners, I'd appreciate it if someone else would either explain the differences or point me towards a site that does. It may be helpful to note that I have never played WoW so sites making WoW compressions, which seems to crop up every time I google something, will not help.