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12.05.2012 , 12:04 PM | #4
As written above, the rocket boots are nice for those long tunnel runs back to the entrance. The field repair robot on the field to empty your inventory and repair, the field mailbox are both nice things to have too.

One unlock I like is the reduced cooldown on quick travel (from the default 30 min to 20 min)

I would advise against any XP boost, as if you like to do the missions, you'll quickly outlevel the content. XP boost are for people who run their 4th or 5th character and don't want to bother with content they know by heart, but if it is your first character, my opinion is that you should not look at your level but just enjoy the story and where it leads you (well you still have to keep your gear up to date of course).

If you are a casual gamer (meaning you don't plan on doing lots of PVP/ warzones or PVE/ operations), one thing you could do with your cartel coins is to buy all the F2P unlocks (hide headgear, display title, event requisition, crew member appearance, crew skill slot) so once you cancel your subscription, you can still play like you've been doing (without access to end gam content of course).