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I assume this MMO is no different from the others I have played, and the feedback that is taken into account is always the feedback of a trusted few people who end up giving it directly to the devs/customer service team, rather than post it on the forums, because they know that most forum feedback is wrong, or asking too much, or missing the bigger picture.

People should always give as much feedback as they can, but they should never expect it to be acted upon.
I agree, but I think the main rationale of the OP is to spur any communication between the developers and the players. If you were to look at the PvP forums (and with a great deal of luck weed out all the utter nonsense), you'd see a simple request: communicate more. A lot of the debate and complaining is because we are all realistically speculating what Bioware's design is. They haven't told us and while the majority of it can be deduced by watching gameplay and understanding the mechanics, some of it doesn't add up or seems incomplete.

A good example I use is Commando and Mercenary, specifically healer because I'm most familiar with it. The class started without an in combat revive, a cleanse that did not heal, and no interrupt. The first two were things the other healers could do but the Commando/Merc couldn't, the latter is something literally every other advanced class had until Update 1.4. From a balancing perspective, each class is going to have strengths and weaknesses. One could then conclude that if the class had these three weaknesses, it should then be bring a valuable strength to the table to warrant it. But that's the problem. Commando/Mercenary never did bring anything to the table so important to justify these weaknesses -- and they changed it.

Basically, the point is that so much frustration could be reduced if Bioware made it clear what the intention of each AC is. This class is the ranged specialist. This class is the support DPS. This class is the specialist healer while this one is the group healer. We can assume these things, but there's no official word. So really, we're just taking stabs in the dark at what Bioware thinks is class balance. If we know what their design for an AC is then we can say to ourselves, "okay, this isn't the AC for me, I don't like this playstyle" or "this is the right fit for me". More importantly, with that foundation, we can actually make a case for or against proposed changes and it makes the feedback more constructive and focused instead of off the wall or utterly out of line with the AC's design.
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