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ehm... why would you assume ff and mox want kephess nerfed ?
I don't think that was the assumption. I think that the assumption was that since the poster was speaking toward nerfing 16m content in order to allow more people to complete it and inferring that was a bad thing that the poster was in a guild with a significant amount of NiM 16m pulls in. At this time, there are only 3 guilds with a significant number of Kephess pulls - MoX, FF, and Chosen.

As for whether or not these encounters *should* be nerfed.. I feel like the current state they are in shows that the content was not tested at the 16m level thoroughly enough and that the current guilds pulling Kephess are essentially the beta testers. Do we think we're (Chosen) going to be able to do it? Yes. From the perspective of a DPS player that MID PROGRESSION decided to level a different AC to be "more viable" though I will tell you that the fights are tuned in such a way that certain specs are on the cusp of being unusable in the raid. The DPS check for the tanks specifically was insane (with every guild that cleared it hitting enrage even though the entire raid was over 1600 DPS on the tanks). When you combine that with the damage SC did it made for an extremely frustrating experience. If the SC tank loses aggro at all, it's a wipe. When you ask for every ounce of DPS possible while not being able to pull aggro for even a second and you still BARELY clear it - there's a bit of a tuning issue. The question will really be was it tuned down too far, not whether it needed it.