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Again, you're missing my point entirely. I'm not here to suggest what changes need to be made. Those arguments are already out there. They have been made in great detail in numerous other threads. Some many or may not be the right answers for those ACs. But attention needs to be brought to the issue. My point is that while the devs are touting Player-driven feedback leading to changes, they need to look at Balance as well.
Sorry I shouldn't have double posted, but my point was that people offering feedback about balance are probably picking up on minor things that in the real world are having very little effect.

I don't follow the PvP forums (Always amazes me how much PvPers can complain) but if people feel that lets say operatives burst too much, but that isn't being borne out by the kill ratio's then it shows that the balance actually is working, because that burst must be offset by something else, which those doing the feedback are missing. If the feedback is that operatives burst too much AND that shows in the kill patterns then the feedback will be taken into account. Often the feedback is that the burst is too much and the sustained is too weak, but if the kill patterns are correct then that is most likely how they actually want operatives to play, and those providing the feedback just don't agree with the design, so no matter how accurate that feedback is, it is not going to be acted upon.

But if everyone is giving having the same effect on the fight then most of the feedback is likely misplaced, or misinterpretted because people focus on 1 thing and miss the bigger picture.

(I use operatives as an example, because that was the complaint at launch when I last cared to look)

I assume this MMO is no different from the others I have played, and the feedback that is taken into account is always the feedback of a trusted few people who end up giving it directly to the devs/customer service team, rather than post it on the forums, because they know that most forum feedback is wrong, or asking too much, or missing the bigger picture.

People should always give as much feedback as they can, but they should never expect it to be acted upon.
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