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12.05.2012 , 11:29 AM | #1
Hi There,

I bought the game when it just came out, it never worked at my normal pc and i was forced to install and patch it on my wife's pc and than copy it to my normal pc than it did work.
I stopped playing (got a wonderful daughter) and now after months i want to play again. I bought 2 months game time and started to install the game, thinking after all these months the laucher issues surely are gone.

What was i thinking, its not even gone it doesnt work at my wife's pc anymore to.
The issue' i keep getting the repair button after patching, it than does it repairs and starts to do the patching again and than it keeps looping, i get the repair again and so on and so on".

The things i have done so far:
- Fix Launcher
- Run as admin
- Check my comp. date and time
- Disabled my anti-virus and firewall
- Redownload Swtor. setup .exe
- update net. frameworks and windows update (and c++ update)
- Safe booted with netwerking options
- Run chckdsk
- update ethernetdrivers
- update virus scanner
- tried it on different pc's same issues

what more can i do, do i have to be a technician to get this game started? i already have been busy for more than 3 days and every attemp cost me severeal hours.

Anyone pleeease help, i really love the game but i never had a game with so much login problems, i cant even get in and i hope i can get in before the 2 months time card expires.

Im here to kick *** and chew bubblegum, and im all out of gum!