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I think the OP makes a good point . If you solo queue and you facing a premade are you going to try any less? is the trash talking to your team going to jumpstart them to greatness? probably not. All you can do is try and support them and call things out if they don't respond what can you do? I solo queue a lot and see people like Wrecks and a few others Solo queue at times and we've beaten premades with a group where no one was in the same guild and the other side had 4-5 of the same guild.

Side Note
I think with the free to play we have gotten the population up a bit and some have actually came back to the game. I think cross server Warzones will certainly be good for PVP if and when it comes.
OP makes a point, but he also made it for nothing except for the invitation to make it easier to identify what he means by way of responses to his post *points at doppleganger post of this one and the like.*. I see what you did there. Anyway, I hope things work out in the PvP for those who still play it for the fun of fun with friends, friendly competition and no hard feelings. Though I know thats drastically too much to ask for some and come cross-server pvp, it's going to get even more interesting with the offering of THE pixelated God of Gods Gold Star which will only be given to the best of the best of the Olympian PvP Tier, observed by the creator himself (in the form of whomever the winner believes in, God, Budda, Satan, whoever..) along with Yoda and Vader sitting in a box with nacho watching to determine who shall be great enough to earn the (insert some mega prize for beating the PvP cross-server on a daily basis magnificently.) FUUUUUUuu... would finish my documentary of the PvP Alpha Omega Prize but it's Lunch time... and I would need a year to fully describe the gritty details on how the Olympians obtain the prize of all prizes.

Buffalo wings trump though.