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And no, the Ebon Hawk is an obvious rip from the Falcon, which was built thousands of years later and is more advanced in every way imaginable, shoddy or not.
An argument that has been proven inconsistent at best and completely False at worst. Tech arguments have already been done. They don't really advance. They take two steps forward, then three steps back when the next galactic war wipes out every advancement they were gunning for and sets them back centuries of recovery and forces them to use ships and tools from earlier ages because They Still Worked.

SWTOR has weapons capable of destroying Capital Ships and Fleets in single shots. 3500yrs later the only thing that came close was something about 100thousand time the size of those ships in the form of the Death Star, which could either; A) Destroy a planet, or B) Destroy One Capital Ship per shot.

What would I go with? The weapon that I can attach to my Capital Ships and use against fleets of my enemies, or the one that takes twenty flippin years to build and ends up being destroyed Three Separate Times because of people with good piloting skills? Sorry future, but you just don't do it for me.
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