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12.05.2012 , 11:09 AM | #71

The problem is not that the majority of us think that you are utilizing KDR to create PVP-balance.

The issue is that your PVP community is feeling a dearth of genuine engagement from the Developers.

Jonathon's choice of mentioning KDR is problematic. First, I doubt a majority of the posters here accept that statement as factual, for the myriad reasons already addressed. Secondarily, it speaks directly to the concern the PVP Community has over balance when a qualitatively poor metric is given as Developer Proof of Balance.

A quick review of the PVP forums indicates three major stains of concern:
1) Marauder Rage Spec Is the Smash "truly" working as intended, and its effect on balance
2) Sorcerer Static Barrier Clearly a failed attempt to balance a weakened spec
3) DPS Mercs/Commandos Nigh useless

Developer engagement with these issues has been silence on the first point after an initial "we are monitoring it" stage, an ambiguous recognition of the broken mechanic on the second point, and little more than a "we know its utterly broken and may be addressed in the future" reply to the Mercs.

Perhaps an increased Developer-Community engagement effort, which makes it clear to the community where BW thinks Balance is in PVP at the moment, and more concrete statements (which would require concomitant decisions about balance on BW's part) to the concerned portions of the community.

Yes, that will open you up to considerable criticism.
However, I would think that maintaining a clear and open dialogue with the otherwise dwindling community should be prioritized over the headaches of the already extant trolls and QQers.