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offtopic rant:
Not that I agree with OP, he's full of needless crap that this game does not need, but you are exagerrating here ... a lot. Last boss in TFB HM, Tanks NiM, and Kephess NiM are the only bosses that are significantly harder on 16, everything else is either on the same difficulty level or even below it. And FYI, there is ONE 16 man guild doing EC NiM on Tomb of Freedon Nadd (PvP English), and it's Republic, there are NO 16m guilds on the Empire side, and I'm pretty sure there are significantly less 16m guilds here than there are 8, for obvious reasons. In my case, wanting to go to a 16m guild is not because I don't want a challenge, but because that possibility for me does not exist, unless you think rerolling a new character on a new server after 64 days of played time is a wise choice. So, please, spare me the speech about "there are plenty of 16m guilds out there". Want to know why 16m EC NiM is actually more difficult? Because of lack of testing, plain and simple. In fact, this week Tanks have been nerfed for 16m. And Bioware's intention is not to make 16m more difficult, but EASIER ... the reason why we're seeing Kephess NiM with his 3 warriors at 79k hp and his Trenchcutters gutting tanks left and right is because BW is incompetent, at least until they get their **** together and allow proper char transfers on PTS.
Want to know something ironic? You just quoted the raid leader of that Republic 16-man progression guild on ToFN.

You sound to me like someone who wants to raid at that level, or at least to see for themselves. I think I know Kanre well enough to make you this offer: level a Republic toon and ask to join. He will take you seriously. The guild has nearly every recipe so they will handle the gear if you bring the skill and commitment. Rerolling sucks but at least it will be an alt on the same legacy.