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you are correct that it would be class defining. there is a reason for it tho. and every Merc would want to spec into it for that very reason

bioware did a tremendously awful job designing the mechanics of Merc DPS. just piss poor bad. it is the root of all problems that Merc have in competitive PvP, and if real balance is ever going to happen, the basic mechanics need to change.

3 instants every 15s would not be overpowered. the amount of damage a tracer missile does wouldnt change b/c it was activated instantly. the main difference would be that Mercs would actually have a chance to fight back and defeat a melee opponent, rather than just hoping they can run away long enough for the melee player to lose interest.

you are still forgetting that a Merc would have to be in melee range to get that proc. yeah, 3 Rapid Scans in a row would output a lot of healing, but it would also require a lot of heat (3 in a row would put you at ~70 heat), and it also means youre in melee range of an enemy which as a healer you *never* want to do on purpose. the heat cost alone means this would not be something that you could do frequently; it would be good as a reactive mechanism for combating melee opponents; using it as an offensive tool is going to over-extend yourself and give melee opponents the advantage (they wont need to use a gap closer if you close the gap yourself)

Merc needs a significant buff. a side-grade, or shift of one strength to another strength, or whatever is just not going to cut it.

any change that would actually fix the problem is going to sound overpowered. merc is just that far behind
You do make a convincing argument. based on that, It seems like it would be a good idea to at least get out there and test. Hope you realize that I too enjoy my merc thoroughly (though only for PvE, not into PvP), so im only arguing because it's needed to balance out the details of the changes. If they're solid changes, they survive scrutiny.

now, based on that...if it is such a critical element of Merc play, wouldn't it be better to add R&G as a baseline? The whole idea itself seems interesting to me, and really fits the "Mercenary" idea that I envision.Sorcs have their bubbles (seem very forcy-like), Ops have their instants and HoT's...the idea of being more flexible on the run sounds like a very nice way to separate the merc healing from the others (aside from the heat resource, which in itself is interesting). My concern about putting a talent in a single tree then makes that tree mandatory, and I'm a much bigger fan of making mandatory things baseline, with optional things or role specific things filling talent slots.

plus I think that having more flexibility on the fly could translate to us being more attractive in PvE (Sorc/Sages are well liked due to their bubble and Uber AoE heals....we need something other then a 4 man puff of green smoke). So why not just make it baseline? and what was your reasoning on 3? (not arguing at this point, but curious).