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you are not doing 16 man hard mode means u aint doing the hardest content ............last boss is not cleared yet by any guild and there are some of the most hard core guilds in swtor who raided longer hours then any other guilds doing it if u opt to do 8 man you are missing the hardest content may be it is time to look for a 16 man guild who is doing that content ..............btw 16 man guilds have done the 8 man content its a joke compaired to 16 man ..... bioware has made harder content its not there fult u are not partisipating in it .............. there are plenty of 16 man guilds out there look for 1 and failing that come to TFN and level a char if u are that good we will gear u ........ and we will see how quickly and easy u find it 1900 dps from every 1 in the raid group to kill tanks ...... compaired to 8 man where u needed 1600 big step up .........
offtopic rant:
Not that I agree with OP, he's full of needless crap that this game does not need, but you are exagerrating here ... a lot. Last boss in TFB HM, Tanks NiM, and Kephess NiM are the only bosses that are significantly harder on 16, everything else is either on the same difficulty level or even below it. And FYI, there is ONE 16 man guild doing EC NiM on Tomb of Freedon Nadd (PvP English), and it's Republic, there are NO 16m guilds on the Empire side, and I'm pretty sure there are significantly less 16m guilds here than there are 8, for obvious reasons. In my case, wanting to go to a 16m guild is not because I don't want a challenge, but because that possibility for me does not exist, unless you think rerolling a new character on a new server after 64 days of played time is a wise choice. So, please, spare me the speech about "there are plenty of 16m guilds out there". Want to know why 16m EC NiM is actually more difficult? Because of lack of testing, plain and simple. In fact, this week Tanks have been nerfed for 16m. And Bioware's intention is not to make 16m more difficult, but EASIER ... the reason why we're seeing Kephess NiM with his 3 warriors at 79k hp and his Trenchcutters gutting tanks left and right is because BW is incompetent, at least until they get their **** together and allow proper char transfers on PTS.

TFB HM and EC NiM offer enough of a challenge when it comes to pure raiding, and I'm pretty sure TFB NiM will be just as challenging, this game needs more Bioware finesse in story and continuation of our beloved class chapters. Seriously, they've added more raids than flashpoints since launch, and FPs are inherently more story-centric ... It's not even worth discussion at this point. If you want greater PvE challenges, by all means, go to MoP, it is absolutely foolish to expect Bioware to provide better and harder PvE raiding environment in their first year compared to WoW's 8-year focus on endgame raiding. If you came to this game looking for ultimate challenges in PvE and PvP, you missed the point, it's as simple as that.