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You will never have a good pvp community unless player ownership is tied to the pvp system. Every game that has done so had/has a vibrant pvp community.

E-rivalry requires symbols of e-honor (cities, bases, space stations, houses, boats, spaceships, ect...). Until there is a major player and guild centric dynamic around pvp there will be nobody who really "cares about it". In the absence of tangible, expensive, and valued items that players can take from one-another, pvp is no more serious or "cared about" than an amateur softball league.
You, sir, clearly played SWG as well. One of the many things that game did right was let you build your own cities and PvP bases. It is a whole new game when you enter an enemy player made city to take down their player made overt bases. Brings to life guild rivalries when you are knee deep in blowing up a base and get surrounded by an entire enemy guild looking to kill you and then return the favor.

This will never happen though for SWTOR and if it did, you guys were right to say it would be a $10 cartel market perk item that you could probably only be allowed to put at some remote corner of Tatooine that no one will find or think to look. Not even Sand People will know it exists.

Something I would REALLY like to see brought over is a change in space play so that it emulated SWG. Off the tracks, in an semi/open zone, and crafter based parts. Once again, never going to happen, but a man can dream, right?
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