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I know it is hard to please everyone, but it would be nice to have some content that we do not fully clear within a month of opening it. Also it would be nice to only be able to get gear through the new operations as really anyone can just farm the black hole coms and upgrade there gear now which makes the operations almost pointless. Another thing is the movies are REALLY annyoying now. It would be nice to be able to skip the movies altogether. People that have been here since the begining really hate them now and there are a lot of new players that will sit there and watch the movie. Can we not disable the movies for at least the first flash points released.

PVP ugh.... enough said there. I have never pvp'ed in star wars because it is kinda lame. I miss world of warcraft pvp...wish you guys would bring more of there concept into the game.

Now for the people that will say just and play world of warcraft and blah blah blah....I like star wars and I want the game to improve. After the last post from Jeff Hickman he is right. If they do not know they wont fix it.

So to sum it up....
better ops, pvp and a xmas gift for me is a legacy bank
Whilst there may be no raids in the game that are considered difficult for hardcore guilds full of good players, most raids still present a significant challenge to the average raider, and most of the raids are too difficult for the average player. Just consider completion rates for EC HM / NiM and TFB HM: not many people have done them at all, let alone farmed them.

For my personal skill level, this game's ops are perfectly balanced. My guild is currently working on final boss in TFB HM. We have a range of skill levels in guild, most of our raiders aren't good enough for the hardmodes but some of us are. So, the best raiders are working on TFB HM, the average raiders are farming storymodes / ev nim / kp nim in an effort to gear up and get better at raiding.

As for gear acquisition, im also happy with the way it is. Whilst it seems fast compared to other MMOs (because it is..) I'm very happy with that! I hate farming raids for months on end to complete gear sets. I agree that there needs to be something more that indicates your ability to clear the raid (possibly better titles, vehicles, cosmetic gear sets, pets, whatever) but forcing us to farm something for months on end isn't fun, its just a crutch for developers to keep us in game. I'd rather the devs developed something more entertaining to do at endgame in pve.

On the pvp front, my experience is that it has some of the best class balance of any MMO (yeh, not perfect, but better than most) but its just flat out boring and repetitive. Warzones are at least balanced on numbers, but theres only 4 of them so they get old quickly and its easy to get unbalanced in terms of player skill and class balance. This game *needs* open world pvp with some sort of structure. Even the Ettenmoors in LOTRO is more entertaining and more epic than TOR pvp!
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