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1) sitting at range is pointless in this fight because you do have to run under his balls at the jump so you prepare by NOT sitting 20m away.
When I'm healing this flashpoint, I don't care where the dps is. I care only about them not eating the boss's cleave (and not being knocked off the platform,lol)
Snipers could use their entrenched thing and not even bother running towards the boss.

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2) You skip the smash by doing extremely heavy dps which pushes him into a jump phase without a smash.
Not everybody is overgeared/awesome parse player whetever to force a smash skip evertime. But everybody can position themselves so when/if the smash happens, they won't eat a cleave afterwards. This only requires a bit of attention. That's all.

From a healer POV, dps eating boss's cleaves = stressful fight. DPS avoiding that damage, restful fight.