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Some players are never going to be happy, respectful, considerate or patient. They blow things out of proportion, deal only with absolutes and will never say a positive thing about anything or anyone unless it agrees completely with their own position. These players, many of the posters above, are good at venting and that is all.

I'll take BW's analytics over most of the posters on this board any day of the week. But I'll take numbers I can gather/monitor/verify and analyze myself over anyone's at BW. The main problem is that I/we have access to very few of those numbers. And another big problem is that many people have opinions they will defend to the death based on no verifiable facts (opinions like: "the world is flat" and "ur is the best defensive ability in the game" and "sorcs suck at team play" and "maras are overrunning the game" - even though there are far more sorcs than anything else in the 21-50 range and @50 on both POT5 and Jung Ma last time I checked).
Analysis of cold hard statistical data can be incredibly valuable if the models are applicable, meaningful and reflect reality. Right now however, they appear to be saying that the sky is pink and trees are made of cotton candy - and nobody has thought to poke their head out of a window and take a look.

The buffs to focus/rage were a big eye-opener that all was not well with their use of data.
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