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Goomba's wasn't the same when Thexder and Octwo weren't together in matches. Any other Vanguard rotation and it was very easy to drop both.

If I remember correctly, you fellers ran 4dps, 1 dps/tank hybrid shadow, 2 scoundrel healers, and a pure tank. That comp stands virtually no chance verse any 3 guard team. From our perspective, you guys just didn't have the tools available, but I think we (Old Republic War) only faced off against Goomba's maybe 2-3 times in rateds.
Thats about right, 1 Sage 1 Scoundrel healer and the Shadow at the offpoint.

But on topic:
You wanna know where Republic PVP healers are? They met guys like this Rocc and gave up.
Happened to me today:
Raph <=> Shoshanna
<Super Goomba Bros>