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First off let me apologize if anyone else brought up these ideas or this is the incorrect section of the forums for this..

So with f2p being live and we finally have the gold farmers coming back in force, I recalled how ages ago I wish we had some better chat control functions in SWTOR. So here is the short list of things I believe should be added asap..

1) Hide: I am amazed to this day that there is no way to take yourself out of being visible to search functions in a MMO. Yes, I know its a MMO and that building community helps but seriously, some people sometimes just want to do their own things and not be bothered by strangers or even friends on a bad day.

2) Legacy chat list options: I know it will not be as simple as it would sound but with the amount of characters available to players, a person should be able to put a friends name on a legacy wide level friend list and put people that bother them on a legacy wide ignore list. Also as far as the ignore list goes, I should be able to put their whole legacy on ignore, not just one character at a time.

I feel these 2 functions would greatly enable the players to make their own decisions in how to deal with people and cause a bit less whining to CSRs about player behavior. Plus from how I read general chat these days, a lot of people seem to love the idea of making it harder for a gold farmer to pester them. There are a multitude of other ideas out there and more that I could think of. Being a former City of Heroes (shakes fist at NCSoft) player I can say that their chatting system is something more games should strive to have.

Thanks for your time and any input.