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But what about planets populated with solely non-sentient lifeforms. Such as planets populated by dinosaur like creatures or invested with bugs, with no culture or anything. Realistically if life where to evolve at all on the scale it does in Star Wars in the galaxy, the majority of planets would be dominated by creatures like this, or single-celled organisms.

And I was think along the lines of what would prevent a ship from hitting a planet at faster than light speeds and potentially causing a mass extinction? Kind of like 9/11 x 1,000,000. Do Planets have a mass shadow to pull them out of hyperspace?
For the Hyperspace question, yes, Planets have a mass shadow that pull ships out of light speed. Mass Shadow's are actually another term for a Gravity Well, which is what Interdictor ships use to keep fleets in space during a battle or ambush. The basic premise of flying to a planet is to not fly too close to the planet's gravity well otherwise you could collide with the planet or with the coming and going traffic and cause a serious problem. The general rule is to pop out of Hyperspace far from orbit over the planet, say 400km away or so, and then sublight the rest of the way in.