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There is no hard ops and there never has been. I remember being in a group for an mmo and spending 4 hours on a boss and it taking up to a month to clear it. If you are in a endgame pve guild in this game you can have it cleared within a week and on farm shortly after. This is not really a challenge to me. Just my thoughts and maybe I am alone with those thoughts. As for people getting there gear through the coms I just think it would be nice to see how good a player is through there gear. Right now you have no idea what a person has accomplished becuase anyone can get the gear through dailys.

As for being a bioware game, this is my first one so I really do not have anything to compare it to. I do know I really enjoyed World of War crafts pvp (Like AV and wintergrasp where we would fight to conquer to gain access to the instance) It just seemed more challenging then what swtor has to offer right now thats all.
Stop making generalizations about the supposed simplicity of the raids. Maybe they are simple for you but not to a huge majority of the player base. There are about 10 maybe slightly more guilds who have reported full kills in EC NiM 8 man, and in 16 Man there hasn't been a reported Kephess kil on NiM yet. A lot of people take quite long in the current operations and even some flashpoints. Also, It will take a very long time for anyone to get full 63 through Blake Hole comms only. Some 63 grade items still do not have anyone that can craft them yet and it's gonna take a few months for even a hardcore player to get full 63 through sheer comm farming.
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