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Hi guys,

I have a question about tanking last phase of the TFB....

When we cleared the place in Story Mode, I was in top platform and even that we kill the boss at under %15 phase my healer could not keep me alive, after that I read the logs and saw at top platform I got only force/tech attack...

Now I read somewhere that if I stay at lower platforms, it is going to be a melee attack which will be shieldable/defensable, now I have an one cooldown for force/tech attack but 3 against melee, so going to bottom platform at %15 could increase my survivability specially for HM....

So, what I want to ask, I am not sure what exactly DPS is doing on this phase, do they have to stay at lower platforms? if I go to lower platforms will this disturb the DPS?

And one final question, if stay whole fight in lower platforms, will this disturb the DPS? I mean the platform I tank will be spitted and I have to change to another one but does the DPS has to switch platform for any reason other then Hypergate Anormalies?
Make sure all your tanks have Force Scream debuff cleared before transitioning into 15% phase. Not doing so results in pretty much insta death for any tanks with the said debuff.
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