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At last someone who speaks sense

Way back in May I had relatively poor gear compared to what I have now and was first venturing into the world of operations. This is when my guild still existed and we did Bonecrusher on normal mode. Pretty sure the HPS still sits top of the records on Ask Mr Robot at about 2400hps and that was with all out power stacked mods from columi, let alone the black hole stalker ones and all the fancy new augmentations, focus and earpieces that have come out since then.

Without a shadow of a doubt, if people got injured enough then my heal output is significantly higher than that now. The trouble is, everyone has better gear and doesnt take damage anymore Would be worth trying though, I bet you could push 3500, perhaps even 4000 hps if you specifically asked your group to be bad and get hurt a lot

There are forums out there that show that pure power does give the best HPS return, they just argue that you are better being more rounded and versatile with the other stats. I just feel that with the high surge and a relativley low critical then when the time comes to pop relics, stims and recklessness then my crit chance is more than high enough to just about guarantee a few crits which gets you out of the required phase and back into maintanance.
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