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12.05.2012 , 03:27 AM | #11
No one seems to be mentioning that wither makes getting 3 stacks of HD much faster and that when either does hit 5 people it will deal more total damage than DF. Faster HD stacks also add up to more dps and more self heals, so keep that in mind.

I really like wither and DF to stop caps isn't needed with force pull and reckless/ lightning really.
DF is still good but the big diff IMO is ww vs wither. For a raid tank wither is the clear option, for a pvp tank I'd still tank wither but if you're an off tank in dps gear it's a tougher choice. However if I'm needed to off tank I usually go 23/17/1 anyways for the added fade and blackout talents so I never really have this decision.